Our membership includes all of our classes and open gym sessions so you can get the most out of your training! 

Adult Obstacle Classes (13+) (Monday-Friday)

Our adult classes are the best way to build your ninja skills. Skills and strength are like anything else, the more you put into them, the more you get in return. classes are designed to build your movements, power, strength, and endurance in a way that is directed towards obstacles. 

Open Gym Sessions (13+) (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Open gym sessions are the perfect place to practice the skills that you are looking to develop. Are you wanting to try obstacles for the first time? Open gym is a great way to become familiar with obstacles and movements at your own pace.

Private Training *

Are you wanting to train for a Spartan Race or American Ninja Warrior? Schedule private training sessions to have a training plan tailored to you and your needs! Private sessions can be 1-on-1, or even small groups (assuming you all have similar goals). Private coaching is the best way to maximize personal growth.

Drop-in rates are $30/class or open gym session. *Inquire about pricing for private classes as it varies.