Your growth is our priority! Here’s a hidden gem from our owner for anyone interested in where the passion and growth mindset started.

When I was a kid, I would wake up early in the morning, walk downstairs, make my breakfast, and turn on G4 to watch American Ninja Warrior. I was hooked. Athletes were competing to beat a course, not each other. Through my years of competing in sports and exploring what I was going to be when I ‘grew up’, I remained focused on my dream and started building myself to be ready for the show when I turned 21. I was coaching rock climbing and basketball when I was 19. There was something about coaching that really clicked for me. Parents saw something in me that I could not see in myself saying things like “What you did for those kids this year was truly amazing” or “You inspired me to step up and coach for these kids”. As a coach, I truly believe I owe every athlete I coach everything I can to help them be all they can be and achieve success. And success comes in many shapes and sizes. We can win, we can learn from mistakes, and we can master that one skill that wasn’t quite clicking until it did. All of these are successes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the guy to give everyone participation trophies for just showing up. But I am going to ask for hard work when they show up, and if they work hard, they will get their trophies in ways that are more important than any piece of metal represents. I had the privilege to work and coach at another ninja gym for about 5 years before I was blessed with the opportunity to open my dream gym. I hope you’ll come join me!


Why Train with Get Over It?

We hope to bring a childlike attitude to fitness. We are a fun form of challenge for not only your body but also your mind. Sure, obstacles will push your physical nature, but they will also challenge your critical thinking, confidence, and understanding of your own capabilities at different points of fatigue. Ninja is truly a challenging sport and we hope to change the mindset of “That obstacle is easy” to “How can I become faster with this obstacle?” We are always learning as coaches and hope to keep learning and growing as a constant in the environment that we offer.

Are you interested in a competitive ninja option?

The sport of ninja is still relatively new. It is busting at the seams, and we are excited about it and where it’s headed! That being said, there are currently 3 leagues that most people are competing in on a regular basis. The World Ninja League (WNL), the Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association (UNAA), and the Federation of International Ninja Athletics (FINA) are currently the leagues that offer the most across the United States for ninja competitions. How does it work? A gym will host a competition under one of these leagues. Through that competition, you will be able to qualify for another level such as a regional. If you do well in the second level, you could qualify for a world championship. These leagues host competitions for all ages. They even have a masters division in case any of you are thinking that you’re too old for obstacles! We have a few athletes that have done well and have competed in multiple world finals. That is a short intro into the world of competitive ninja. We will be honest, the moms that have competitive ninjas know way more than we do, and most of them are nice enough to tell you all about it!